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Reducing BGP Update Noise

Tools released or used by the project
Name Description
Quagga per-prefix MRAI timer and path-exploration damping (PDI) patchset A set of patches providing an implementation of a per-prefix MRAI timer in Quagga, replacing the per-peer "burst" behavior - and an implementation of the path-exploration damping algorithm (PED) described in the paper: "A Technique for Reducing BGP Update Announcements through Path Exploration Damping"
MDFMT - MRT dump file manipulation toolkit Collecion of tools written in Python for MRT dump file manipulation. Includes a patchset for dpkt, a Python based packet creation/parsing library, which is needed in all tools. Includes also a tool to replay historic BGP data from MRT files into live BGP sessions.
  • Version 0.2:

  • This tarball includes the following tools and patches:

    • Dpkt patchset:
    • The patchset adds the MRT TableDumpV2 format and BGP 4 byte AS number support to dpkt, as well as some capability codes for BGP

    • LogToMRT:
    • A tool for converting Quagga text log files into MRT dump files

    • MRT slice:
    • Creates slices of large MRT dump files using a RIB dump to determine the start time and to create the initial updates (updated April 2012)

    • Update Regenerator (UR):
    • Regenerates BGP sessions recorded in MRT format, injecting the BP packets into Quagga

    • Additional Python Scripts:
    • Some Python scripts for evaluating MRT dumps (updated April 2012)
Quagga Accelerator (QA) A tool based on Quagga and Python to replay historic BGP data recorded in MRT files in an accelerated time frame.
Path Exploration Analyzer A tool based on libBGPdump (RIPE) to evaluate historic MRT dump files

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