Staff, Visitors and Alumni

Research Staff

Dominic Allan

Research Assistant

Professor Grenville Armitage

Professor of Telecommunications Engineering
Research Leader, "Network Performance and Measurement"

Dr Philip Branch

Senior Lecturer, CAIA Research Higher Degrees Coordinator
Acting Director, Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
Research Leader, "Data Network Traffic Classification"

Dr Jason But

Senior Lecturer, Programme Coordinator Bachelor of ICT (Network Design and Security)(Faculty of ICT)
Deputy Head, Telecommunications Engineering Academic Group
Research Leader, "Software Defined Networking"

Tony Cricenti

Senior Lecturer, Programme Coordinator Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunication and Network Engineering)(Faculty of ICT)
Head, Telecommunications Engineering Academic Group (Faculty of ICT)

Jonathan Kua

Research Assistant

Djuro Mirkovic

Research Assistant

Dr Manoj Panda

Research Fellow

Professor Hai Vu

Professor of Telecommunications Engineering
ARC Future Fellow
Research Leader, "Mobile, Vehicular and Transport Communications"

Dr Sebastian Zander

Research Fellow

Affiliated Staff

Warren Harrop

Lecturer (Faculty of SET)

Glyn Jones

Lecturer (Faculty of SET)

Dragi Klimovski

Senior Lecturer (Faculty of SET)

Rhys Shobbrook
Lecturer (Faculty of SET)

Adjunct Staff

Dr Lachlan Andrew (Adjunct Research Fellow)

Dr. Yoni Nazarathy (Adjunct Research Fellow)

Lecturer, School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland.

Michael Welzl (Adjunct Professor)
Professor,  Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway

Current Visitors

Research Students

Bahaa Al-Musawi
PhD candidate

Tony Cricenti

PhD candidate

Tuan Dinh PhD candidate
Tung Le
PhD candidate
Hien Luong
PhD candidate

Abolfazl Nazari

PhD candidate

Shiva Raj Pokhrel
PhD candidate
Lawrence Stewart PhD candidate
Radika Veera Valli PhD candidate
Nigel Williams Masters (Research)


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