As part of a broader organisational restructure, data networking research at Swinburne University of Technology has moved from the Centre for Advanced Internet Architecture (CAIA) to the Internet For Things (I4T) Research Lab.

Although CAIA no longer exists, this website reflects CAIA's activities and outputs between March 2002 and February 2017, and is being maintained as a service to the broader data networking research community.

Scientific Advisory Board

Members (Jan 2016 - Feb 2017)

Fred Baker

Cisco Fellow, Cisco Systems (USA)

Narelle Clark

Director of Operations and Deputy CEO at ACCAN; Board member ISOC-AU (Australia)

Professor Jon Crowcroft

Cambridge Computer Lab, Cambridge University (United Kingdom)

Dr Lars Eggert

Technical Director for Networking, Office of the CTO, NetApp (Germany)

Peter Elford

Director, Government Relations and eResearch, AARNet (Australia)

Geoff Huston

Chief Scientist, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, Pty Ltd (Australia)

Professor Matthew Roughan

School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide (Australia)

Professor Michael Welzl

Department of Informatics, University of Oslo (Norway)


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