As part of a broader organisational restructure, data networking research at Swinburne University of Technology has moved from the Centre for Advanced Internet Architecture (CAIA) to the Internet For Things (I4T) Research Lab.

Although CAIA no longer exists, this website reflects CAIA's activities and outputs between March 2002 and February 2017, and is being maintained as a service to the broader data networking research community.

Alumni Staff and Visitors


Academic staff

Associate Professor Jim Lambert
Course Convenor MEng Network Systems
Director, Cisco Regional Networking Academy

Dr Thuy Nguyen
Lecturer, Faculty of ICT

Associate Professor Lachlan Andrew

Associate Professor of Telecommunications Engineering & ARC Future Fellow 

Dr Warren Harrop

Lecturer, Faculty of SET

Professor Hai Vu

Professor of Telecommunications Engineering & ARC Future Fellow & Research Leader, "Mobile, Vehicular and Transport Communications"
Adjunct staff

Dr. Yoni Nazarathy (Adjunct Research Fellow 2012-2014)
Lecturer, School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland

Dr David Hayes (Adjunct Research Fellow)
University of Oslo

Geoff Huston (Adjunct Research Fellow, 2009-2012)
Chief Scientist, APNIC Pty Ltd

Prof Steven Low (Adjunct Professor, 2008-2013)

Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Caltech, USA
Administrative Assistants

Joan Howard
Research Centre Administrator (2014-2015)

Barbara Gillespie
Research Centre Administrator (2014)

Caroline Ditchburn
Research Centre Administrator (2014)

Janet Berwick

Research Centre Administrator (2012-2013)

Kylie Flitcroft

Research Centre Administrator (2012)

Catherine Lineham

Research Centre Administrator (2011-2012)

Li-Sim Loh

Research Centre Administrator (2007-2011)

Fabiola Alvarado

Research Centre Administrator (2006-2007)

Gillian Foster
Research Centre Administrator (2002-2006)
Research Fellows

Dr Manoj Panda

Research Fellow (2013-2016)

Dr Suong Nguyen

Post-Doc Research Fellow (2015-2016, 2012-2013)

Dr Sebastian Zander Research Fellow (2010-2015, 2004-2006)

Dr Mohammad Rezaeian

Senior Research Fellow (2013)

Lawrence Stewart

Research Fellow (2013)

Dr Slava Abramov Research Fellow (2012-2013)

Dr Ihsan Qazi Post-Doc Research Fellow (2010-2011)

Dr David Hayes Research Fellow (2009-2011)

Thuy Nguyen
Research Fellow, Internet Traffic Classification (2006-2008)

Dr Qiang Fu Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Internet Engineering (2005-2006)

Dr Irena Atov
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Network Modelling and Performance Evaluation (2004-2006)

Sebastian Zander Research Fellow, Network Performance and Security (2004-2006)

Dr Jason But

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (2004-2006)

Dr Tanja Lang Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Internet Performance Analysis (2003)

Dr Paul Vanden Bergen Research Fellow, Internet Mobility (2003)

Rozanna Jesudasan Masters (Research)

Warren Harrop PhD (2004-2014)

Imrul Hassan PhD (2008-2013)

Suong Nguyen PhD (2008-2012)

Kewin Stoeckigt PhD (2009-2012)

Sebastian Zander PhD (2006-2010)

Thuy Nguyen PhD (2004-2009)

Mai Banh Masters Engineering (Research) (2004-2006)
R&D Engineers

Mattia Rossi Research Engineer (2008-2012)

Carl Javier Research Engineer (2009-2010)

Roxanne Pashaei Engineer (2009)

Dr David Hayes R&D Engineer (SONATA Project) (2008)

Lawrence Stewart
R&D Engineer (newtcp project) (2007)

Nigel Williams
R&D Engineer (various) (2007, 2012-2014)

Kris Mitchell R&D Engineer (RULE project) (2004-2005)

Clancy Malcom Industry Fellow, Network Systems course development (2003)
Research Assistants

Jonathan Kua
Research Assistant (2014)

Djuro Mirkovic Research Assistant (2014)

Dominic Allan
Research Assistant (2013-2014)

Amiel Heyde
Research Assistant (2009)

Alana Huebner
Research Assistant (2008)

Kenneth Khaw
Research Assistant (2007/08)

Aaron Sims
Research Assistant (2007/08)

Lucas Parry
Research Assistant (2007/08)

James Healy
Research Assistant (2007/08)

Gerard Kelly Research Assistant (2007)

Malcolm Robb

Research Assistant (2006/07)

Philip Jay Research Assistant (2006)

Nigel Williams Research Assistant (2005)

Julie-Anne Bussiere Visiting Research Assistant (2005)

Urs Keller Research Assistant (visiting from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, EPFL) (2004)

Wendy VanHonacker Research Assistant (visiting from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, EPFL) (2003)

Claudio Favi Research Assistant (visiting from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, EPFL) (2003)

David Prior Research Assistant, ICE3 project (2002)

Mark Pozzobon Research Assistant, GENIUS project (2002)
IBL Research Assistants

Chris Holman

Research Assistant IBL (2012)

Amiel Heyde

Research Assistant IBL (2008)

Adam Black

Research Assistant IBL (2007)

Alexander Schoolman

Research Assistant IBL (2006)

Carl Javier Research Assistant IBL (2005/06)

Brandon Tyo Research Assistant IBL (2004/05)

David Kennedy Research Assistant IBL (2004/05)

Lawrence Stewart Research Assistant IBL (2003/04)

Ana Pavlicic Research Assistant IBL (2003/04)

The Anh Hoang Summer Intern 2016/17

Russell Collom Winter Intern 2016

Shahana Cumaranayagam Summer Intern 2015/16

Dzuy Pham Summer Intern 2015/16

Yunyan Xing Summer Intern 2015/16

Isaac True Winter Intern 2015

Andrew Payne Winter Intern 2014

Lucas Claudino Winter Intern 2014

Jonathan Kua Summer Intern 2013/14

Nathan Dyer Summer Intern 2013/14

Prashan Abeysekera Summer Intern 2013/14

Djuro Mirkovic Winter Intern 2013

Jonathan Kua Winter Intern 2013

Michal Scigocki Winter Intern 2013

Adam Malcontenti-Wilson Summer Intern 2012/13

Djuro Mirkovic Summer Intern 2012/13

Nigel Williams Summer Intern 2011/12

Chris Holman Summer Intern 2011/12

Michael Allwright Winter Intern 2010

Rozanna Jenusadan Winter Intern 2010

Tung Le Winter Intern 2010

Atwin Calchand Summer Intern 2009/10

Tung Le Winter Intern 2009

Christopher Leong
Winter Intern 2009

Lam Hoang Do
Winter Intern 2009

Atwin Calchand Summer Intern 2008/09

Van Tuan Dihn
Summer Intern 2008/09

Marcus Wong
Winter Intern 2008

Alana Huebner
Winter Intern 2008

Amiel Heyde
Summer Intern 2007/08

Andrew Brand Winter Intern 2007

Carl Javier Winter Intern 2007

Ho Trung  Nhan Winter Intern 2007

Aaron Sims Summer Intern 2006/07

Gerarde Kelly Summer Intern 2006/07

Philip Jay Summer Intern 2005/06

Shaun Burriss Summer Intern 2005/06

David Kennedy Summer Intern 2005/06

Kenny Nguyen Summer Intern 2005/06

Gareth Edwards Winter Intern 2005

Duy Nguyen Winter Intern 2005

Joanne Ly Winter Intern 2005

Warren Harrop Winter Intern 2003, LIFE project

Hwan-Yi Choo Winter Intern 2003,  GENIUS project

Adis Fazlic Summer Intern 2002/03

Ian Leeder Summer Intern 2002/03

Michael Welzl Visiting Professor, University of Oslo, December 2014

Mirjam Borsboom

Transport and Planning Department, Delft University of Technology (visiting 3 months from March 2013)

  Karlijn Kohlmann

Transport and Planning Department, Delft University of Technology (visiting 3 months from March 2013)

  Michel Mandjes

Professor, University of Amsterdam, (visiting 2 weeks in March 2013)

  Naeem Khademi

Student, Oslo, Norway (visiting 7 months from May 2012)

  Sebastian Renker

Student, Erfurt, Germany (visiting 6 months from February 2012)

  Jori Selen

Student, Eindhoven, Netherlands (visiting 3 months from April 2012)

  Prof. Douglas Leith
Visiting Fellow (from National University of Ireland Maynooth ) (May 2009)
  Michael Welzl
Visiting Fellow (from Institute of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck / Austria )
(February 2008)(February 2009)(February 2011)

Lloyd Wood
Visiting researcher (from Cisco, UK) (Feb 2006)

Daniel Trembath Visitor (2004)

Sebastian Zander Visiting Researcher (from Fraunhofer FOKUS) (2002-2003)


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