Keynote Speakers

Farzad Safaei

Prof. Farzad Safaei

Title: The challenge of immersive multimedia communication for networked games

Biography: Farzad Safaei graduated from the University of Western Australia with the degree of Bachelor of Engineering and obtained his PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He has more than 17 years of experience in conducting and managing advanced research in the field of data communications and networks. Currently, he is the Professor of Telecommunications Engineering and Director of Centre for Emerging Networks and Applications at the University of Wollongong. He is also the Program Manager of the Cooperative Research Centre for Smart Internet Technology. Before joining the University of Wollongong, he was the Manager of Internetworking Architecture and Services Section in Telstra Research Laboratories (TRL).

In the last six years, his research focus has been on network support for immersive and distributed virtual environments. A key aspect of this research is large-scale delivery and real-time creation and processing of multimedia content (such as voice and video of participants in a crowded virtual environment) with judicious adaptation of the spatial location of computation performed on multimedia streams. The application of this research on provision of immersive voice communication capability for massively multiplayer network games is currently being commercialised through a start-up company SpatialVoice Corporation (

Wu-chang Feng

Associate Prof. Wu-chang Feng

Title:What's Next for Networked Games?

Talk Description: Computing and communication advances have made on-line games much more functional and compelling, but also more complex and difficult to develop. In this talk, we will examine some of the challenges in networking, parallel and distributed systems, and security that are being tackled by on-line game developers as technology has improved with an eye on identifying research that might be useful for our community to tackle.

Biography: Wu-chang Feng is currently an Associate Professor at the Intel Systems and Networking Laboratory at Portland State University where he works on projects in networking, security, and on-line games. Besides running, one of the most popular game communities in the Northwest, his gaming work includes cheat detection and prevention, game server measurement and modeling, and the characterization of global game workloads. As a result of playing the research game, he 0wnz the 2003 IEEE Communications Society William R. Bennett award, the 2002 IBM Research Best Paper Prize, and the 2005 IMC Best Student Paper award.

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