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Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos

Internet of Things: From Internet Scale Sensing to Smart Services

11:30am, 1st Dec 2016 -

Dr Jiong Jin

Wireless Networked Robotics

11:30am, 24th Nov 2016 -

Dr. Frank den Hartog, DoVes Research

Network Uberization

11:30am, 9th Nov 2016 -

Prof. Grenville Armitage

Internet For Things (I4T): A proposed new research theme and Lab 11:30am, 3rd Nov 2016 -

Jonathan Kua

The Impact of Active Queue Management on DASH-based Content Delivery

11:30am, 27th Oct 2016 -

Dr Manoj Panda

Traffic Congestion Analysis using Compressed Measurements

11:30am, 20th Oct 2016 -

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