Lucas Parry


Position: Research Assistant, Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures


  • 6 subjects away from completing a
    BEng (Telecommunications & Internet Technologies) /
    BSci (Computer Science & Software Engineering)
    double degree at Swinburne University of Technology

Past and Current Research and Development Projects:

  • Greynets: Passive Detection of Unsolicited Network Scans in Small ISP and Enterprise networks.

  • L3DGE Leveraging 3D Game Engines: A novel technique for anomalous traffic detection and collaborative network control.

  • Enterprise Asterisk Simplified for You (EASY): An open source, small to medium enterprise VoIP management solution.

  • During my Industry Based Learning @ BT (UK, 2004), I was involved in the development of prototype congestion-adaptive audio streaming software using the pre-draft implementation of DCCP

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