As part of a broader organisational restructure, data networking research at Swinburne University of Technology has moved from the Centre for Advanced Internet Architecture (CAIA) to the Internet For Things (I4T) Research Lab.

Although CAIA no longer exists, this website reflects CAIA's activities and outputs between March 2002 and February 2017, and is being maintained as a service to the broader data networking research community.


The table below lists industry, government and/or university funding received since 2003 where I've been lead or co-lead investigator. See this table for all of CAIA's external and internal funding.

Date (announced)
Amount committed (AUD)
Research Leader(s) / Primary Contact
August 2016
ISIF Asia grants 2016
B. Al-Musawi, P. Branch, G. Armitage Rapid detection of BGP anomalies
September 2015
$61K USD
Cisco USA (URP grant)
P. Branch, G. Armitage A partial PhD stipend to support research into BGP Anomaly Detection using VIRL
August 2015
$30K USD
Comcast USA (TechFund grant)
G. Armitage Independent implementation of modern Active Queue Management in FreeBSD
May 2015
~$96K ($78K USD)
Cisco USA (URP grant)
J. But, G. Armitage Investigation of Dynamic Network Management in an OpenFlow Enabled Network
April 2015
$21.5K USD
Cisco USA (URP grant)
G. Armitage A Masters (Research) degree stipend to support research into Multipath TCP for FreeBSD
November 2014
~$30K (of $270K total)
J. But, G. Armitage (and CIs from 9 other orgs, led by UNSW) Development of a wide-area Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow research testbed spanning ten organisations
October 2014
"Cisco Innovation Fund", SUT and Cisco Australia
G. Armitage(CAIA), Julian Thomas (SISR) "An integrated social and technical evaluation of household broadband service requirements for educational innovation and the Internet of Things". [A joint $300K project with Swinburne's Institute for Social Research, starting in 2015.]
August 2014
FSET 2014 Research Infrastructure Investment Scheme
G. Armitage High Performance Data Networking Test Bed for TCP and Content Delivery Research
April 2014
FreeBSD Foundation
G. Armitage Support for a Masters(research) program on Multipath TCP in FreeBSD
Aug 2013
Netflix Inc
G. ArmitageSupport for a 4-yr PhD program in high performance IP-based content delivery
Jun 2013
Cisco Systems
G. ArmitageStudy in TCP Congestion Control Performance In A Data Centre
Nov 2012
$53K ($54K USD)
Cisco USA (CCRI grant) G. Armitage Exploring possible mitigation for incast TCP congestion in data centres
Nov 2012 $46K ($47K USD)
Cisco USA (CCRI grant) G. Armitage Low cost home network monitoring using “3D virtual environments”
Nov 2012 $90K ($92K USD)
Cisco USA (CCRI grant) H. Vu, G. Armitage Using Multipath TCP to improve `Vehicle to Infrastructure' communications
Jan 2012
$89K ($97K USD)
Cisco USA (CCRI grant)G. Armitage Multipath TCP for FreeBSD
Oct 2011
$82 ($83K USD)
Cisco USA (CCRI grant)G. Armitage Using delay-gradient TCP to reduce the
    impact of 'bufferbloat' and lossy wireless paths
Aug 2011
$19K USD
FreeBSD FoundationG. Armitage, L. Stewart DIFFUSE for FreeBSD
Apr 2011
$70K ($75K USD)
Cisco USA (CCRI grant)G. Armitage Detecting and Reducing BGP Update Noise
Oct 2010
ARC Linkage GrantG. Armitage, L. Andrew, G. Huston (APNIC Pty Ltd) Tools and models for measuring and predicting growth in internet addressing and routing complexity (three year project starting 2011, ~$211K from the ARC and $126K from APNIC Pty Ltd)
Oct 2010
APNIC Pty LtdG. Armitage, M. Rossi Collaborative investigation into BGP routing dynamics and the use of existing and previously un-routed Internet address space
Sep 2010
FreeBSD FoundationG. Armitage, D. Hayes and L. Stewart Five New TCP Congestion Control Algorithms for FreeBSD
July 2010
APNIC Pty Ltd,
Nominet UK
G. Armitage Exploring the utility of Stateless TCP for highspeed, high-load DNS under FreeBSD
Apr 2010
Cisco USA (CCRI grant)G. ArmitageExtending Open Source Packet Filtering to support Distributed Statistical Traffic Classification
Dec 2008
Agilent Technologies Foundation (USA)G. Armitage
Large Scale synthesis and evaluation of interactions between VoIP, online multiplayer games and traditional TCP-based services in the broadband consumer environment
Oct 2008
Cisco USA (CCRI grant)G. ArmitageImplementing and testing delay-based and rate-based transport protocols in FreeBSD
Oct 2008
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)G. ArmitageExploring the Utilisation of IPv4 Address Space and Size of the NATed IPv4 Internet
Sep 2008
FreeBSD FoundationL. StewartG. ArmitageEnhancing the FreeBSD TCP Implementation
Dec 2007
auDA Foundation G. Armitage An Open-source Tool for Passive Detection of Unsolicited Network Scans in Small ISP and Enterprise networks
Nov 2007
Cisco USA (CCRI grant) G. Armitage Heuristics to reduce BGP Update Noise
Oct 2007 $28K
Cisco USA G. Armitage [Supplemental funding for "Public implementation and interoperability testing of next generation TCP stack under FreeBSD"]
Apr 2007 $30K
Cisco USA G. Armitage [Supplemental funding for "Public implementation and interoperability testing of next generation TCP stack under FreeBSD"]
Sep 2006
auDA Foundation G. Armitage Open source implementation of a TCP layer algorithm for Email Spam mitigation
Jun 2006 $85K
Cisco USA (URP grant) G. Armitage Anomalous traffic detection and collaborative network configuration using 3D multiplayer game engines
May 2006
Electronic Communication and Commerce Pty Ltd
G. Armitage [Two year collaborative research agreement]
Sep  2005
Cisco USA
G. Armitage [Supplemental support for postgraduate and staff conference travel]
Jun 2005
Cisco USA (URP grant)
G. Armitage Public implementation and interoperability testing of next generation TCP stack under FreeBSD
Apr 2005
Smart Internet Techologies CRC
G. Armitage Automated Network Re-engineering Techniques and Planning Tools to Support Highly Interactive, Latency-Constrained Applications
Dec 2004
Cisco USA (URP grant) G. Armitage Dynamic Self-learning Traffic Classification based on Flow Characteristics
Jan 2003
Cisco Australia
G. Armitage/ R. Constantine
[Cash and equipment support for post-grad stipends and BART]
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