NAM - Not Automake


What is NAM

Not AutoMake (NAM) is a set of files that allow development of platform independent build environments that utilise the GNU Autoconf tool without also requiring the use of the GNU Automake tool. The benefits include:

  • Default build targets, all these targets are recursively called in any subdirectories processed by the Makefile
    • all - Build all targets
    • clean - Remove all temporary build files and final targets
    • install - Install software to the system
    • uninstall - Remove software from the system
  • Recursive make in listed subdirectories
  • C++ compilation of source code
  • Linking of C++ archives (*.a) and executables
  • Optional clean or verbose output during build
  • Automatic generation of dependencies
  • Automatic re-execution of autoconf and configure if necessary
    • has changed
    • One of the templated *.in files have been modified
  • Readable Makefiles
  • Installation of executables in either $(prefix)/usr/bin or $(prefix)/usr/sbin
  • Installation of man pages to system
  • Application specific extensions to the all, install and uninstall targets

More detailed documentation on using NAM can be found in the following CAIA Technical Report:


NAM consists of two sets of files, the required files which must be copied into the top level directory of your project and the sample/template files which you can use to base your projects and files on. Please read the NAM documentation for further information.

Version 1.0 - Released April 12th, 2005

Licensing and Terms of Use

NAM is free software and is released under the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License.




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