Automated Network Re-Engineering Techniques and Planning Tools to Support Highly Interactive, Latency-Constrained Applications

This site hosts the web presence of Project Stream 4 within the Smart Networks stream of the Smart Internet Technology CRC. Within this framework, Project Stream 4 is exploring better network support for real-time traffic, in particular online computer gaming. Computer games are a rapidly growing market with unique Quality of Service (QoS) network requirements.

The project has been sub-divided into two sub-projects, both hosted at this site. These sub-projects are entitled:

  • SONG (Simulating Online Networked Games) - A publically available library of network traffic traces and simulation models that can be used to augment existing IP network engineering tools.
  • ANGEL (Automated Network Games Enhancement Layer) - Use of Machine Learning techniques to automate classification and isolation of interactive and non-interactive traffic, and utilise this information to dynamically reconfigure the network to better support current traffic flows.

Who is Involved?


  • CAIA - The Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures, Swinburne University.
  • FICT - Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies, Swinburne University.
  • SIT-CRC - Smart Internet Technology CRC.
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