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Title: BGP Replay Tool (BRT)
Speaker: Bahaa Al-Musawi
Date: 2:30pm, 28th Jul 2016
Venue: EN615, Level 6, EN Building
Abstract: The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the Internet’s default inter-domain routing protocol that manages connectivity among Autonomous Systems (ASes). In BGP, any activity that does not reflect underlying topological changes can be regarded as an anomaly. However, real-world BGP update traffic is a substantial background traffic consisting of route announcements followed soon after by withdrawals of the same routes that do not appear related to underlying network management decisions or events. BGP speakers generate up to a gigabyte of control plane data a day. Unfortunately, as well as being large, there is no direct information to point out the network that triggered the BGP messages.

In this talk, we describe the operation of BGP replay tool v0.1 (BRT v0.1) [11], a tool for UNIX operating systems providing the ability to replay previously BGP updates downloaded from the public route repositories or local log files to test a variety of operations. It helps to classify BGP traffic, understand BGP behaviour at BGP speakers level and finally investigating BGP behaviour with different routers operating system (OS) such Cisco, Juniper, and Quagga. The evaluation of this tool has been done using Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) as a controlled testbed.

Biography: Bahaa is a PHD Candidate at CAIA, He has BSc and MSc in Computer Engineering from University of Technology, Iraq 2003,2005 respectively. He is an assistant lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Iraq since 2006.
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