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Title: BGP Anomaly Detection
Speaker: Bahaa Al-Musawi
Date: 11:30am, 11th Jun 2015
Venue: AS404, Level 4, AS Building
Abstract: The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the default Internet routing protocol. BGP is vulnerable to various types of anomalies where the last two decades have recorded different types of anomalies that threatened its stability and reliability. In this talk, we do a taxonomy for different types of BGP anomalies into four main categories, discuss a number of key requirements for a next generation of BGP anomaly detection. We also discuss the challenges of building a BGP testbed and explore different types of testbeds that have been used during the last year.
Biography: Bahaa is a PHD Candidate at CAIA, He has BSc and MSc in Computer Engineering from University of Technology, Iraq 2003,2005 respectively. He is an assistant lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Iraq since 2006.
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