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Title: Modeling TCP over Wireless, State of the Art & Future Directions
Speaker: Shiva Raj Pokhrel
Date: 10:30am, 26th Jun 2014
Venue: EN615, Level 6, EN Building
Abstract: It is known that TCP misinterprets the packet losses due to wireless channel impairments as that due to congestion. Since TCP is known to be carrying approximately 90% of the Internet traffic and that users nowadays access the Internet mostly through wireless devices, understanding the performance of TCP over wireless last-mile access is a very important problem. In particular, an analytical understanding of the performance of TCP over wireless access will open the possibility of applying powerful optimization techniques for performance enhancement. This seminar will discuss the state of the art in the domain of analytical modelling of TCP over wireless local area network. We will discuss some preliminary results on the impact of non-congestion losses leading to congestion control in TCP over wireless. The seminar will also provide some future directions.
Biography: Shiva is a PHD Candidate at CAIA, He has BE and ME in Computer Engineering from NCIT Pokhara University, Nepal 2006,2012 respectively. He is BSS Engineer at Nepal telecom since 2007.
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