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Title: BGP Anomaly Detection
Speaker: Bahaa Al-Musawi
Date: 12:30pm, 29th May 2014
Venue: EN515, Level 5, EN Building
Abstract: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the inter-domain routing protocol that exchanges and maintains network reachability information between Autonomous System (AS). BGP was created based on trust between all participants and doesn't employ any authentication measurements for advertised routes. Since its born in 1989, number of direct and indirect disruptions have effected its stability. Although many approaches toward improve BGP security have been presented, up to date there is no official approach provides a balance between efficient level of security, support deployment, and high level of performance. However, ISP need to know when and where an anomaly event occurs so he/she can present an appropriate action.

In this talk, different types of BGP disruption will be introduced. In addition, what have been done in term of BGP anomaly detection will be explored. Finally, A new approach for BGP anomaly detection based on Recurrence Quantification analysis (RQA) will be discussed.

Biography: Bahaa is a PHD Candidate at CAIA, He has BSc and MSc in Computer Engineering from University of Technology, Iraq 2003,2005 respectively. He is an assistant lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Iraq since 2006.
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