ACM SIGCOMM 2003 Workshop on
Revisiting IP QoS: Why do we care, what have we learned? (
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

(The full RIPQOS papers can be found in the ACM Digital Library)
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 Session 1: Challenges 
QoS`s Downfall: At the bottom, or not at all!
 Jon Crowcroft, Steven Hand , Richard Mortier,Timothy Roscoe, Andrew Warfield
Failure to Thrive: QoS and the Culture of Operational Networking
 Gregory Bell

 Session 2 : Challenges 
Beyond Technology: The Missing Pieces for QoS Success
 Carlos Macian, Lars Burgstahler, Wolfgang Payer, Sascha Junghans, Christian Hauser, Juergen Jaehnert
Deployment Experience with Differentiated Services
 Bruce Davie

 Session 3: Lateral Thinking 
Quality of Service and Denial of Service
 Stanislav Shalunov, Benjamin Teitelbaum
Networked games --- a QoS-sensitive application for QoS-insensitive users?
 Tristan Henderson, Saleem Bhatti

 Session 4: Short papers 
What QoS Research Hasn`t Understood About Risk
Ben Teitelbaum, Stanislav Shalunov
Internet Service Differentiation using Transport Options:the case for policy-aware congestion control
 Panos Gevros

 Session 5: Panel Discussion 
Discussion Panel: Jon Crowcroft, Bruce Davie, Jennifer Rexford, Ran Atkinson

Grenville Armitage (RIPQOS Chair)