As part of a broader organisational restructure, data networking research at Swinburne University of Technology has moved from the Centre for Advanced Internet Architecture (CAIA) to the Internet For Things (I4T) Research Lab.

Although CAIA no longer exists, this website reflects CAIA's activities and outputs between March 2002 and February 2017, and is being maintained as a service to the broader data networking research community.

This page is part of the GENIUS project.

2 Player Game

Date: 16/07/02
Server: Xbox A
Map: Battle Creek
Game Type: Slayer
Duration: 27mins

Inter-packet Arrival Times
Figure 2.

Figure 3.

For traffic flowing from the Server (Xbox A) to the Client (Xbox B), it can be observed from Figures 2 and 3 that there is only one dominant Inter-packet arrival time at 40ms. It is also interesting to note that approximately 1% of packets are sent back to back (Figure 3).

Figure 4.

Figure 5.

For the Client (Xbox B), it can be observed from Figures 4 and 5 that there is one dominant Inter-packet arrival at 40ms with a low distribution of packets arriving between 0ms and 40ms.
Packet Lengths
Server packet lengths were consistently 160 bytes.
Client packet lengths were 72 bytes 16.55% of the time and 112 bytes for the remaining period.
Packets Per Game

Total Packets from Server Console: 41238
Total Packets from Client Console: 49401


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