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University: Swinburne University of Technology
Philip Branch
Department: Faculty of Information and Communication Technology


Title: Seamless Multimedia over Heterogeneous Networks

To provide multimedia over next generation wireless networks which comprise different access technologies, having consistent quality of service is necessary. This becomes more important during handover from one network to another. Handover process can cause excessive delay and packet loss and as a result the user will notice annoying interruption in his multimedia session.

We are using OPNET as a simulation tool to measure the effect of handover between different access technologies (mainly WiMAX and UMTS). Since physical layer and signal quality has an important effect on overall system performance, we pay special attention to the pipelines and the fading channel model which are currently in use in OPNET.

Currently OPNET does not support dual mode WiMAX/UMTS UE and one of the main objectives of this research is to develop multi-interface user equipment (UE) for OPNET which is able to select the best interface based on channel conditions.


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